2023: a year of great news at Residence Serenissima

2023: a year of great news at Residence Serenissima

Always striving to innovate and meet customers' expectations is one of the goals that the management of Residence Serenissima has always set itself.

It is not always easy to understand the needs of our customers and, in particular, of the majority of our guests, namely families. What is certain is that families who come on holiday to Residence Serenissima want to spend their holidays in peace and security.

One of the tools that allows us to understand the needs of our guests is certainly filling in the questionnaire by e-mail or more simply by having a chat with them. These tools have allowed us to understand what we can improve or change from year to year in the services we offer.

Children's entertainment at Residence Serenissima

Our little guests have always been at the centre of attention at Residence Serenissima and thanks to the feedback from our guests, this year we have decided to expand the entertainment service.

The animation will be present every day, except Saturdays, and will be both in the Residence and in our private area on the beach. The animation programme will not only be full of games but also shows.

In addition to workshop work with our animators, from this year there will be magic shows, soap bubble shows and clowns. The very popular Baby Dance both in the water and outside will be there every afternoon. All shows, workshops and baby dance will be held in a dedicated area of the pool under the gazebos.

In case of rain, there is no need to worry, the new playroom is also perfect for this.

In addition, there will also be acquagym for adults.

A new games room

When the Residence was expanded in 2013, the management decided to include a playroom on the ground floor. There were various games inside and it was a great success with our little guests.

As the years have passed and technology has evolved, the children's interest has changed.

Children are now more interested in touch screens, videos and interactive games. Therefore, one of the big changes this year is the playroom. It will be a totally new and modern area, both in terms of design and technology.

All the walls of the new games room will be painted by a professional. The painted images will represent the Bibione lagoon and will seem to immerse you in Bibione's nature.

As already anticipated, the games will range from touch screens hanging on the walls to interactive games. In addition, there will be magnetic cubes with which children can create different compositions. There will also be a table tennis table available daily outside the playroom.

Constantly evolving apartments

Every year, the Residence management strives to improve the image and functionality of the apartments.

Also this year, renovation work has begun on some of the three-room apartments. First of all, it was decided to completely renovate the bathrooms in these apartments. The design will be not only modern but also comfortable.

In addition, some three-room apartments will have totally new flooring, as well as windows and doors.

As every year, the flats are not only renovated, but also something new is added. In fact, this year all beds will have a new mattress. To make our guests' rest more comfortable, each mattress will have its own Memory Foam topper.

Another novelty will be the inclusion of USB sockets in each apartment, and all TV sets in living rooms will be fixed to the wall. In this way, the customer will be free to turn the TV set to his or her liking.

Your 2023 holiday in Bibione

These are this year's novelties, but every year the Serenissima is renewed and improved. Curious to discover all the novelties for summer 2023? Come and visit us, find out now the availability for your favourite apartment!