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From 27/04/2013 to 01/05/2013

The Bibione FRISBEE® beach challenge is an International Beach Ultimate and Acrobatic Freestyle competition held in this wonderful Venetian small city over the long weekend of May 1st. Dates for 2013 are April 27-28-29 & 30.

Ultimate is a team sport played with a Flying Disc (Frisbee®).The standard Ultimate is played 7vs7 on a grass field of 100x37mt; the beach Ultimate is the ‘sandy’ version of the sport played 5vs5 on a 75x25mt field.

Acrobatic Freestyle is surely spectacular and creative. Fantasy, ability, athletic skills and artistic elements melt down together to offer an original and acrobatic show. Teams are usually of two athletes for Open, Mixed and Women Pairs categories and of three athletes for Co-op category. During the competition, the Frisbee is thrown with lot of spin, making possible to hold it spinning on the fingernail, and then making tricks around the body, hitting it with hands and feet or rolling it along arms and back, creating a dance to the music, enriched by moves, jumps, somersaults and coordination.

Bibione 2013 will host the EUROPEAN FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS (EFC 2013).

The Bibione FRISBEE® beach event 2013 is the 8th edition of this international event.Teams, boys and girls, from all Europe but also from Russia and USA are coming to Bibione to play Ultimate and Jam, enjoy and visit the sunny Italy and the beautiful beach atmosphere.This event is organized by the BB-SEA sport association in collaboration with ABAVIAGGI agency, Bibione city and the Italian Federation FIFD.

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Experience all the excitement of this spectacular sport!